Save Minet Library campaign: how you can help

12 Apr 2016 8:34 PM | Friends of Minet Library (Administrator)

Things to do to keep up the pressure to save Minet Library

Wednesday 13th April, 7 pm, Elm Green School, Elmcourt Rd, London SE27 9BZ: Attend the demonstration called by UNISON to coincide with Lambeth Council meeting. 

Email GLL: it’s vital that GLL knows how unpopular the gym plan is.  We want to put pressure on them to withdraw from the plan. Send your own email (or use the draft text below) to, Managing Director of GLL as soon as possible

Help make banners: Lambeth has taken down the banners and signs we left outside the library. We want to make new banners and put them on railings outside homes around the library so people know we are fighting on. Come along at 2pm on Saturday to Minet Library to help us make new banners.


Display posters in your front window and ask your neighbours to put them in theirs: we are getting posters printed and want them in every window: we will have them ready on Saturday so please pick up from outside Minet on Saturday from 2pm to 4pm. We will also send them out as an attachment so you can print your own

EMAIL TO GLL (this was signed by 30 local organisations and sent as an open letter last week):

Dear Mark Sesnan (Managing Director of GLL)


We, the undersigned, are writing to state our total opposition to gyms being installed in Minet and Carnegie libraries. We want and need the libraries that were gifted to these communities.


We are writing to ask GLL to see sense and withdraw from the hated plans to put gyms in Minet and Carnegie libraries.


Where communities have been consulted about this (at Durning and Tate South Lambeth) they rejected the idea of a gym being installed.


Lambeth has not had the courtesy to consult people living around Carnegie and Minet libraries but our community is united in its belief that installing a gym at the heart of our beloved library buildings is vandalism and dereliction of duty in the handling of public assets. 

We absolutely oppose handing over the building to a private operator and we reject the offer of unstaffed study and community spaces. 


People living around Minet library in Coldharbour, Vassall and Herne Hill wards suffer some of the most acute deprivation in Britain. People who use the libraries at present - including children to do homework - face multiple deprivation and live in some of the most overcrowded housing in the borough. The libraries are a crucial lifeline to opportunity and if we lose these libraries then Lambeth will be leaving our communities to rot. 

We believe Lambeth is reacting out of short term panic and that we will live to regret their poverty of thinking over decades to come. Please show better judgement and withdraw from this deal before it's too late. To persist can only do harm to GLL’s reputation.


Yours sincerely

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